Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#ePharma West: Social Media Driver's Ed Overview

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Social Media Driver's Ed Cliff Notes
John Mack, Pharma Marketing News, President VIRSCI @PharmaGuy
Wendy Blackburn, EVP, Intouch Solutions
Laura Ngyuyen, Senior Manager, Social Media Strategy, Intouch Solutions

A few of the Highlights in the History of Pharma and Social Media from Mack:
July 2008: First Pharma Facebook Page: ADHD Moms
April 2009: FDA sends 14 Warning Letters
June 2009: UCB Embraces Adverse Events on Sponsored Discussion Board
September 2009: FDA Announces Public Hearing on Social Media
November 2009: FDA Hosts Public Hearing on Social Media
August 2010: Roche publicly discloses Social Media Guidelines (See them here)
February 2011: Astra Zeneca hosts first live chat on Twitter with #rxSave
July 2011: First hack of a Pharma Facebook Page (Pfizer)

Intouch Solutions then shared some advice on focus points for building a social media campaign:

Sample goals for your social media campaign:

  • Learn more about target audience and their needs
  • Gain insights in order to improve products and services
  • Improve relationships with target audience
  • Improve relationships with target audience
  • Improve compliance.

What should you do before you dip into the social media pool?

  • Learn first
  • Define the objectives and strategies
  • Ask where your audience is and what your company is passionate about.
  • Identify tactics that provide value
  • Engage
  • Measures of success

Every company should have emergency reaction plans in addition to transition flow plans in order to keep the voices and tones of the communication plans the same. This allows a company to be prepared to react to emergency situations. Who owns your online presence when you’re tweeting on behalf of a company? What happens if they move to another company?
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