Monday, July 25, 2011

#ePharma West: What are you doing? To App or to Mobilize.

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Successfully Implementing Your Mobile Initiative
Kevin Stock, Senior Technology Architect, Toolhouse

Three Keys To Mobile Development:

Mobile Sites
There are thousands of browsers running on mobile phones. How does a company work with this?  Every company should tackle it.  Companies need to build mobile sites that can be supported by more than just the iPhone.   It is important to know that web browsers on the mobiles are frequently more powerful and dynamic than those on their desktops.

Mobile Apps
When creating an App, don’t reinvent the wheel when you go to build your mobile app.  Users are more likely to use something they are comfortable with.  Meet the users expectations and build the apps so that they work on and offline.

Testing & Support
Users do not use emulators set it a variety of perfect situations. They use their devices on the go, with changing Internet signals, varying battery levels, etc. Apps should be built with real world user performance in mind.

Molding Your Mobile Strategy 
Bonnie Southcott, Senior Producer, Toolhouse

The adoption of SmartPhones and iPads is driving mobile strategy. 81% of Physicians own a SmartPhone. Every company has a mobile website whether or not it has been optimized for SmartPhones because users are finding them through search. iPhone and iPod Touch adoption rates are growing faster than AOL and Netscape servers when they were first launched, which is an incredible growth rate. Those with iPhones only spend 45% of their time using them as telephones, meaning the rest of the time, they are frequently browsing the Internet.  .

Mobile marketing needs to be at the top of all marketers minds. It’s any technology that allows marketers to connect to the Internet on the go. There are over 60 different browsers that run on those phones.  Mobile surfing takes place on the go.  The answers via your webpage can reach your audience on the go. Desktop has never allowed this to happen.

Physicians want to use platforms that are easy and work – this is why 79% of them use Apple. It is a platform that is reliable and stable in the mobile field.

Best in Class Mobile Development and Engagement Analytics and Live Time Mobile Intervention
Jeannette Brandofino, President, Brandofino Communications

Mobile for Pharma is the best thing that has ever happened because it allows constant contact. Patient reminders and communication is possible, physicians will use mobile devices in order to start ePrescribing. Brandofino believes may people fear going mobile. There are 300 million phones in the United States. In the US, 1/3 of the SmartPhones are owned by those who do not have computers at home. Mobile allows for data capture. Marketers cannot predict what mobile devices people are going to use, but the information has to be available on all phones.

The important part of mobile is where it’s going. Content choice is often what most marketers spend their time one.

Physicians and consumers are driving the mobile business. Only 1% of users visit your webpage and sign up. What could the possibilities be if more than 1% sign up? With the analytics we can capture on user behavior, webpages can begin to be personalized.

After an afternoon full of mobile, we are left with one question: Are you going to build a mobile site or an app for your consumers?
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