Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GSK Changes Sales Rep Payment Structure

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The American healthcare system is changing: focusing on higher care, lowering costs and better outcomes. GSK has made a commitment to follow this, and on July 1, GlaxoSmithKline changed the way they pay their representatives to reflect that. Instead of focusing on just the number of products sold, MM&M reported that the representatives will also be compensated according to their selling competency and evaluations by their customers.

Deirdre Connelly, the North American president for pharmaceuticals, stated about the change, “The US healthcare marketplace is changing significantly in response to demand by patients, healthcare providers and payers for higher quality care, lower costs and better health outcomes. Physicians have been telling us they want to see fewer sales professionals, and those they do see need to provide greater value in helping improve patient health. In response, we are changing the way we sell our medicines and vaccines in order to deliver the value our customers demand, in a transparent way, with integrity and respect for the patient.”

The new structure and insight into physician desires will surely change the future of the pharmaceutical sales rep and how they access physicians. Naturally, the best way to accommodate both parties would be through a mix of digital and traditional methods with a greater emphasis on digital as time goes by. Is your sales force ready to change with the times and reach their market by any means necessary? Learn the latest tools, tricks and trends at ePharma Summit West. We have multiple sessions on sales force enhancement and new technologies which will save your company time and money while increasing success rates. Save 10% when you register using the code XP1656BLOG.

Do you think there will ever be a transition to a fully digital sales force?
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