Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bayer Healthcare UK "Discredited UK Pharma Industry"

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The continuing saga of Bayer Healthcare's tweets continues to be a news story in the UK drug industry.  Last year, Bayer copied two press release headlines, then released them to the public as tweets.  In coordination with the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA), Bayer Healthcare UK has violated their Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Conduct (ABPI Code).  This has resulted in discrediting the Pharma industry in the UK according to the governing board.

According to The Register, they have discreded the industry by violating these rules:

- Companies are prohibits to release information about prescription-only medicines that would encourage the public to ask their doctor for the product
- Bayer Healthcare Failed to maintain high standards and brought discredit upon, and reduced the confidence in, the pharmaceutical industry
What do you take from this situation that arose from the misuse of Twitter concerning the Pharma industry?  While there are a lack of rules in the Untied States surrounding Pharma and social media, how do you think this could be avoided in the future?  How important is it to work closely with a legal team before publishing content on these mediums?
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