Friday, August 19, 2011

Moms are top searchers of health on SmartPhones

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SmartPhones are now being adapted by the majority of the population.  While games, entertainment and social networking are the top Apps on their phones, half of the mom population has downloaded a health related app to their phone.  Moms key concerns are often the health and wellness of their family, and now, with this device and these apps, they have the ability to have a portable research device and much of the information they need to know in the palm of their hands.

How do they use these apps? The Mom Central survey detailed in a recent post from  eMarketer shows how the moms are using these phones and reveals that their is an incredible market for healthcare marketers to connect with.

Health Apps are a part of the market that can both increase education and awareness of health conditions from the common cold to more sever conditions.  What do you think are the top Apps used by these moms, and why are they successful in connecting with the audience?
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