Monday, August 22, 2011

Online games promotes teen cancer awareness

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Source: MiniClip
Funky Nurse, an online game built by Miniclip in coordination with the Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK, is an online game that sets out to spread awareness of the 2100 teens a year who are told they have cancer.  Funky Nurse sets the player in the shoes of a nurse, and they must keep patients happy and fed, provide sufficient medical care and look for bonuses to upgrade the hospital.  According to Mashable, Teenage Cancer Trust and Miniclip have worked together since 2009, creating fund raising events and online opportunities. Teenage Cancer Trust's goal is to create cancer wards for the teenagers where they feel welcome, in addition to providing funding for clinical trials and educating the community.

Do you think online gaming is a good way to promote the awareness of medical conditions?  What other games have you seen that promote the awareness of a specific medical condition?
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