Friday, August 5, 2011

Pharma Companies facing challenge with Facebook

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August 15 is the day all companies on Facebook are required to have open discussion forums on their Facebook pages.  Pharma companies view this as a problem because they will be required to have open commenting on their Facebook walls. recently looked back at the recent hacking that too place at Pfizer's Facebook page.  On July 19, Pfizer was recently surprised by the Script Kiddies, who were responsible for hacking into their fan page and posting a series of messages that commented negatively on the brand, then openly claimed responsibility for doing so.  Even though this took place, the author points out that Pfizer is one of the digital companies who is taking a hands-on approach to managing their digital presence.  They're looking at the hack as a learning experience.

What is your #1 concern with Facebook allowing for open discussions taking place on Pharma's Facebook walls?  Will it ultimately be a bonus for the companies, as they can truly have an open dialogue with their customers or will  it cause  more problems in relation to the FDA and specific side affects of their drugs?
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