Friday, August 12, 2011

Tips for Pharma on Facebook

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Many Pharma companies are hesitant to use Facebook as a medium to communicate with their audience, and many fear it is because they will have additional worries concerning the FDA and adverse events of their drugs. Mashable recently set out and shared a few better ways for Pharma companies to communicate with their fans on Facebook while connecting with them at them at the same time.

Some of the tips:
- Know who is making the decisions about buying your product.  For example, doctors are not likely to reference Facebook when searching about a drug.  But for many Over the Counter drugs, consumers will look online and a Facebook page could be a great place to inform them about that drug.

- Use the Facebook page as a way to communicate, connect and listen to your consumers.  Ask them meaningful questions that are useful for your company to know.  It also fosters a relationship with your brand by connecting through meaningful conversation.

- An adverse affect of your drug is only considered valid if the factors below are in that complaint.  Should this appear on your social media channels, then take that complaint to your legal department and determine if it's something you need to bring to the attention of the FDA.

    • Who is the patient affected?
    • Who reported the event?
    • What was the adverse event?
    • What was the product that is suspected of causing the bad reaction? 

What other tips do you have for Pharma and Healthcare companies who are getting ready to use Facebook as a communication tool with your audience?  How severely affected do you think Pharma will be by the opening of Facebook comments for all walls on Monday?

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