Friday, September 16, 2011

How can marketer create apps that patients will use?

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Navigating the world of Web Apps can be tricky.  Of all the phone apps downloaded, only 30% of Apps are used the day after they are downloaded.  And after 20 days, only 5% of iPhone Apps downloaded are used.

What does this mean for marketers?  While mobile marketing is currently the hot topic among many marketers and organizations, it's key that the company creating the App identifies why they are creating it and find a successful way to measure it's use more than just the number of downloads.  It's key to identify how individuals are utilizing the app  and then have the easy ability to update it to keep it relevant.

The article at the World of DTC Marketing also reveals that the majority of patients using the app aren't pleased when one is created to send reminders for compliance.  How can Pharma marketers get around this?  Are there needs unmet in the digital Pharma space other than alerts on when medication needs to be taken?

What are some of your favorite medical apps and why?  How can this be applied to the creation of apps?
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