Monday, September 19, 2011

Novo Nordisk add the eBook to digital health arsenal

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With the sales of traditional books falling and digital books on the rise thanks to eReaders, NovoNordisk recently shared it's plans to share a free series of digital books compatible with all eReaders to help diabetics plan healthier meals. The eBook Titles include Diabetes and You, Your Guide to Better Office Visits, Diabetes Medicines, Carb Counting and Meal Planning, Your Blood Sugar Diary.  You can download them here.

Camille Lee the Corporate VP, diabetes marketing at NovoNordisk stated:
“With an increasing demand for e-books, we saw an opportunity to share our existing diabetes education book series in a new and innovative format that meets the changing technology needs of today's patient.  By broadening the availability of the educational series, we hope that more patients will have access to the resources they need to better manage their diabetes.”

How can eBooks add to the digital marketing tools of Pharma Marketers?  Do you see more companies looking to reach their audience in this way, or know of any doing so effectively 
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