Monday, November 28, 2011

What could targeted online marketing do for Pharma?

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When you pick the book you by on Amazon, it automatically recommends five similar books that could also suite your tastes.  Could a similar version of this be suitable for health care online to reach their target audience?  Mark Stinson of Inventiv Health thinks so.   Instead of a broad, un-targeted webpage, what could a hospital's webpage that changes its content to fit it's core audience do?

The Edward Hospital & Health Services in Illinois did a study to identify who uses their website and why.  Based upon that, they changed their content to fit what would appeal to their users when they arrived on their webpage.

Stinson sees these things as possible options to work for tailored content for healthcare webpage users:
  • If you have this condition, you should pay attention to these associated risk factors.
  • If you’re taking this prescription, you might consider this companion product/food to make it more tolerable.
  • If you are seeing this kind of doctor, you could also benefit from these supportive healthcare services.
This year at the 2012 ePharma Summit, the eMarketing University for Brand Managers will look at new ways to identify with your customers, including better targeting your audience through your communication efforts.  For more information on this Summit and the rest of the program, downlaod the brochure here.  When registering, don't forget to mention XP1706BLOG to receive a discount of 10% off the current rate!

Do you think targeted healthcare marketing could benefit both the industry and users?  What other examples could this opportunity present?
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