Thursday, June 30, 2011

24 hours left for maximum savings on ePharma Summit West

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Rates for ePharma Summit West go up for the last time tomorrow. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save on the west coast event of the year and reap the benefits of attendance.

Hear from the leaders in the pharma industry and the best consultants in the business, speakers represent:
Greater Than One, Genentech, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Toolhouse, Novo Nordisk, University of Washington School of Medicine, Singularity University, Hologic, University of California San Diego,, Amgen, Brandofino Communications, Inc., Daiichi Sankyo, Virsci, Bridge Worldwide, Google, Diabetes Hands Foundation, WEGO Health, Porter Novelli, Crossix, Biopharma Advisors, Daiichi Sankyo Inc, Gilead, Roche Diagnostics Corporation, Intouch Solutions, Dramatic Health and more...

Meet the people you need to get your business moving:
Mayo Clinic, Allergan Inc, Alliance Health Networks, Appature Inc, Xcenda, Centric Health Resources, Inc, Lifescript, Astellas Pharma Global Development, Epocrates, IMC2, Amgen Inc, Phd, National Jewish Health, Merkle, HealthDay, YuMe, The Health Central Network, Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc, Good Health Media, PHD Resolution Media, Merck & Company Inc, Impaqt, DSI, Communications Media Inc, MedTera, Qforma Inc, Porter Novelli and more.

Plus, get updates on regulatory issues from FDA insiders, multichannel integration, sales force initiatives, patient adherence and much more. Download the full agenda to check out our industry keynotes and presentations.  Register by Friday, July 1, to save and mention XP1656BLOG when registering to save an additional 10% off of the current rate, which increases July 2.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Failure of Google Health and What it Means for the Future

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According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 80% of the American adults who use the Internet report that they regularly go online for access to health information. But so far, the Internet has not helped drive the adoption of health records created and maintained by consumers. 

That's why Google announced last week that it is shutting down Google Health, a personal health record service that allows individuals to centrally store and manage their health information online.

Why hasn’t the Internet empowered consumers to manage their personal health information the same way it has better informed them about medical conditions? 

There are three reasons. But the underlying cause is that there is no such thing as a consumer in the American health care system today. A consumer is someone who uses personal dollars to buy goods and services for his or her own use. In our health care system, the users of medical services are, of course, individuals. But users don’t pay the largest share of costs for these services. Employers, the government, and health insurance companies do. So while people may be highly concerned about quality medical care, most are not motivated to manage costs.
 With that fundamental understanding, it’s easy to see why Google Health failed.

ePharma Summit West is your forum to discuss the future of mobile health and patient interaction with peers from the top companies in the industry. Join us July 25 - 2 7 in Santa Clara, California for 2 days of deep discussions and hours of networking.

Register by Friday July 1st to save and mention XP1656BLOG when registering to save an additional 10%.

For the full article from FastCompany, click here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Health Activists To Bring Empowerment to ePharma West

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In the world of health social media, “e” means “empowerment.” Wearing proudly the “e” badge are empowerment connoisseurs, Health Activists, a unique collection of online health leaders who advocate tirelessly for specific health conditions, better living, and awareness efforts. While the majority of internet users do utilize the web for health (around 89%) virtually all of Health Activists (98%) do.[1] What started, for them, as self-education, utilizing the online space for information and support, has grown into the creation and leadership of inspiring health communities. Like virtual online metropolises, each health community is led by a dedicated, passionate patient expert, or Health Activist, guiding and presiding over relevant conversations about health. Through channels like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and online forums, Health Activists raise the standards of healthcare by empowering those around them. And, since each Health Activist reaches an average of 15,000 people every month, their microcosms of empowerment pack some serious clout.

Eager advocates, Health Activists are more than willing to raise their voices wherever and whenever they can, leading their community members to live better. While only 21% of typical online users use the Internet to raise awareness about health issues – 82% of Health Activists do.[1]  And while only 17% of typical Internet users answer others’ questions online, 74% of Health Activists do.[2]  This is a serious community of leadership. Supporting their Health Activist efforts is WEGO Health, their home base for leader-to-leader conversation and resources to help them empower others. Through numerous education programs, interactive webinars, in-person speaking events, and online communication – WEGO Health is helping to amplify the voice of these courageous leaders. WEGO Health has found what they hope healthcare companies will begin to recognize – by listening to the leaders of online health communities, you will learn what patients really want from their healthcare and ideas on how to meet those needs.

In line with our mission to empower Health Activists to help others, WEGO Health has created Voices to Industry, the latest in a string of rewarding Health Activist-focused programs.  By participating in Voices to Industry as part of WEGO Health’s Speakers Bureau, Health Activists get the chance to speak with leading healthcare companies in person about what their communities are looking for in regard to social media interaction. WEGO Health has seen success with Voices to Industry at a number of pharmaceutical and healthcare industry conferences and will be continuing this program with a wonderful opportunity at the ePharma West Summit. Speaking on a panel about the best uses of social media in the healthcare space are Health Activists Manny Hernandez and Jamie Inman. Both individuals have done incredible work for their online communities and have some serious wisdom to boot. Manny is a leading Diabetes Health Activist and creator of the popular TuDiabetes community, Healthseeker app, the Big Blue Test campaign, and is incredible active on Facebook and Twitter. Jamie is the creator of Stay In The Pink, a community that supports Breast Cancer and promotes the importance of early  detection. Jamie is an active voice and two-time Breast Cancer survivor blogging and active on Facebook and Twitter. These WEGO Health Activists will be joined by a leading industry representative, Sharon Dotson from Genentech, and the panel will be moderated by Bob Brooks, Vice President of WEGO Health. The panel on July 27th, 2011, will surely be a highlight of ePharma Summit West.

WEGO Health is excited to present the wonderful work of these two online leaders and promote the important mission of Health Activists everywhere. To learn more about Health Activism check out this white paper from WEGO Health, “Be a Health Activist,” visit the WEGO Health Community, or take some time to read the highlights on the WEGO Health Blog. We’re looking forward to learning from the other ePharma West participants and working together to innovate in a way that empowers healthcare.


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Microsoft HealthVault Goes Mobile

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Photo Source: Diabetes Mine
Microsoft has recently announced the mobile adaptability of their HealthVault and their soon to be released Windows 7 Phone App.  It will be available within the next few weeks.  They believe by allowing their patients to have access to their health records on the go, they will be more frequently updated and users will have access to the information wherever they need it, not just on a computer.  Facebook has been integrated into the login process, allowing users a very easy way to update their healthcare records.

This move is not entirely unpredictable, as we've seen a rise in health apps for the iPhone.  The mobile health app market is on the rise.  According to Newsweek, is expected to be very lucrative in the future, with 30% of 18 to 24 year olds stating they are willing to buy this type of App.  

ePharma Summit West is the best place to learn about the future of mobile and how it is changing our industry. Check out our “Art of Mobile” workshop with speakers from Brandofino Communications, Greater Than One, Hologic and Toolhouse. Register using the code XP1656BLOG to save 10%. Hurry, current rates expire July 1st!

What do you think are the benefits from making Microsoft HealthVault available through the Windows 7 Phone?  Do you think there will backlash because they are not offering the App on iPhones?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Five Tips for Pharma Digital

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These are some broad tips for leveraging digital in pharma marketing to effectively and efficiently connect with digital audiences.

1. Be where they are

Consumers: Data shows that consumers are online seeking healthcare information. Consequently, the point at which this audience engages with health content in digital creates a highly qualified, near point-of-purchase opportunity to connect with your audience.

Physicians: Manhattan Research reports that 99% of physicians use the Internet, and the percentage of time they use it for professional purposes is upwards of 11-hours-per-week and growing. In addition, their activity is no longer restricted to before and after work hours. Time online during patient visits is also increasing at notable rates year-over-year. Their #1 online activity is researching pharmaceutical products on sites like They also read professional journals across the multiple channels of print, online, and mobile.

2. Budget for effective SOV

At e-Healthcare Solutions Premium Advertising Network, we see thousands of campaigns. It is troublesome how many agencies will attempt to buy an ineffective share of voice. Some site- specific purchases seem to be made simply to be able to inform the client that “they have a presence” on a specific site with a strong brand name. If a purchase translates into too small a share-of-voice, however, we often recommend that clients save their money, because the campaign will simply be ineffective.

3. Deliver a relevant & timely message

We tend to think of people as being clearly in just one stage of the customer-engagement funnel. What we find, though, is that reality is murky. Promoting through the transitions is powerful as well. If someone is 90% on their way to the next stage, it is far easier to push them through the next step. Don’t miss out on opportunity by assuming they are already converted.

When measuring ROI, evaluate comparable placements – don’t mistakenly compare the CTR of a brand-building campaign with one of direct response. These media buys were made with entirely different objectives in mind. Don’t compare an awareness campaign with that of a treatment-targeted campaign. When dealing with consumers on different ends of the disease awareness continuum it’s important to message to them differently, as well as to set and measure their desired results differently.

4. Utilize expertise of strategic partners

Agency partners are one important source of strategic collaboration. But there are many additional experts available to serve you and help you meet your marketing goals via the digital channel. Consider expanding your circle of advisors to tap into fresh and more-specific talent. Many strategic resources will work for free if they have services that might meet your needs because consultation provides an opportunity to showcase these services. Brainstorm directly with strategically aligned vendors and consultants. No one understands better how to tap into the potential of their area of expertise than the companies offering the services under consideration. These partners provide a great opportunity to create new solutions or to take existing products and tailor them into a program that will achieve great results for your unique situation.

5. Maximize time & investment

Countless studies by Dynamic Logic, comScore and others have evaluated aided and unaided recall, and NRx and TRx lift resulting from online ad exposures and site visits. These studies have shown that digital advertising works. In fact, because online programs have been held to a higher standard for so long, other media are being asked to measure themselves against the same criteria. Digital performs well... and it’s flexible, cost-effective, and measurable.

Because metrics are so readily available for digital campaigns, data management becomes a key success factor in getting the best results for your investment. It’s vital to establish performance goals and measurements at the onset of a campaign –even before the creative is developed and the media buy is planned. Then, when live, campaign data and results need regular monitoring and optimization. For maximum results, it’s important to share all the data with all partners involved in the campaign. Each player has a role and a unique perspective in the process. Timely collaboration around what the full data picture means against the success metrics results in faster action toward optimization, improved efficiency, and more time for you to experience greater results.

R.J. Lewis has served the pharmaceutical industry for his entire career. He is the Founder & current CEO of e-Healthcare Solutions (EHS), the first vertical Internet advertising network in healthcare, which he started in 1999. Today, e-Healthcare Solutions is a Premium Advertising Network serving both advertisers and publishers in the digital healthcare marketplace. EHS exclusively represents the advertising, sponsorship, email, and mobile opportunities of more than 400 quality digital publishers in the pharmaceutical/healthcare vertical. The Network delivers high-value exposures and engagement for marketers with their target audiences across the many niches of the healthcare marketplace. e-Healthcare Solutions delivers proven results for both advertisers and publishers.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Only 9 days until the free Pharma Virtual Sales & Marketing Summit

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Competitive and technological changes in the pharma industry are reshaping the way pharmaceutical companies are marketing their products.  Some are more ahead than others in successfully carrying out digital marketing campaigns and interacting with their customers in a way in which their customers want to interact.  This now increasingly means mobile devices, social media and interactive sites, with less control and world of mouth spreading faster than ever before.  Pharma marketing teams need to quickly adapt to the fast-paced world in which Healthcare professionals and their patients live.

Join us at the free to attend online Pharma Virtual Sales and Marketing Summit on 29 June as we provide insights on successful digital projects which make a positive difference to the whole organisation and key stakeholders. With best practice video webcasts, same time Q&A with speakers, the latest news on innovations in digital technologies, mid-year industry updates, online interviews plus more - this event is not to be missed.

Specific sessions which may be of interest include:

Best practive live! How can digital pharma successfully supply information through social media and interactive sites? Part 1 (14.30 BST) and Part 2 (15.30 BST)
Craig Delarge from Novo Nordisk will share his views on this topic in the first at 14.30 BST from the US and will be followed by two speakers joining us live from the studio in London, who will talk about:
- Janssen's youtube project
- Pfizer's Man MOT website

Bringing digital into strategy and operations for integrated multi-channel marketing 16:30 - 17:00
This webcast will highlight how to communicate internally to coordinate strategy and operations which include digital  in multi-channel marketing and information on how to convert from a traditional to a multi-channel marketing strategy. It will also feature highlights on choosing the best forms of digital advertising within your multi-channel mix and will give examples of best and worst practice for successful multi-channel strategy in the digital (r)evolution.

Register today for this free event or for more information go to to see the full agenda