Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Can packaging increase patient adherence?

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Patient compliance with prescribed medication remains a challenge for doctors.  Frequently, patients are given medicine but fail to comply with the prescribed dosages, often failing to take the medication though it's prescribed time period.  With this in mind, NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre has asked a question: Can package design of medication affect the patient adherence?

They believe so: 
Designing packaged medicinal products in the  proper way, may significantly contribute to the improvement of healthcare by stimulating, supporting and enabling an effective adherence of the patient to the medication prescribed.

It would have to be a team effort among many parties, including the physicians, the doctors, and the package designers.  But what specific factors are influenced by the package design?
  • Take point-of-consumption (POC) as starting point for packaging design. 
  • Apply available and possible newly developed communicative and behavioural insights into packaging. 
  • Use packaging to facilitate and stimulate positive feedback loops between patient and healthcare providers. 

Next month in New York City, the ePharma Summit will be examining a variety of ways to influence patient adherence with their medication.  Novartis will be on hand to present "Define Mobile Medical Apps from a Pharma Marketer’s Perspective & a Regulatory Perspective" as well as the presentation "Encourage Patient Adherence through SMS" in the Future Trends on Mobile track.  For more information on these presentations and the rest of the agenda, download the agenda here.  As a reader of this blog, when you mention code XP1706BLOG while registering, you'll receive a discount of 10% off the standard rate

So if findings of this conversation from The NVC about package design for patient adherence and the use of digital communication for reminders is combined, what could this mean for patient adherence?
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