Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Managing the Right Communications Balance with Multi-Channel Programs

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Multi-channel communications are all-encompassing and part of the new messaging framework when engaging with today’s tech-savvy recipients. The challenge is connecting with each market segment and speaking in the appropriate voice to directly address and provide the proper public health content in a timely and well-balanced approach.

Today, targeted audiences readily seek and need ease of access to information. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) seek greater awareness about conditions and disease states; while healthcare providers (HCP) look for information designed to educate, provide insights and alert them in order to make better prescribing decisions for their patients. From disease state awareness, drug launches and label changes, to drug formulations and safety data; DTC’s and HCP’s have become more sophisticated in their approach to finding, accessing, and putting to use this information. DTC’s and HCP’s each require a variety of access points that can include one or all of the following: direct mail, computers, smart-phones and tablets. In addition, DTC’s and HCP’s call for multiple delivery formats to meet their active information gathering and communication preferences which can include direct mail, e-mail, and targeted micro-sites in both a traditional push and recently in a pull delivery approach.

The other side to this challenge is being able to connect with and provide the information as the need arises, in the format the DTC’s and HCP’s need it in, and at the very moment that it’s needed? Finding the right balance with these vehicles and the format delivery used with the DTC’s and HCP’s is a very delicate line to walk. At the same time, add to the complexity of these programs the prerequisite of governing federal laws and state mandates in conjunction with implementing the right balance of communication vehicles and delivery formats when undertaking these programs. This can be overwhelming and hard to manage without the right resources and production capabilities in place to execute and manage these initiatives flawlessly.

With a zero tolerance threshold for error when dealing with time and content sensitive communications, the best programs are executed utilizing a dedicated resource partner providing secured data management, comprehensive production, kitting and distribution resources. The seamless integration of workflows, production capabilities with global web-based management resources is the key to effectively supporting every stage of a multi-channel program.

Finding the right program partner to assist with these daily marketing, sales and advertising activities to ensure regulatory compliance, while achieving marketing outcomes, is critical. Simply stated, Quantum Group is that dedicated program partner for providing comprehensive and effective marketing communications and multi-channel programs at any and every stage of your program needs.

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