Monday, March 12, 2012

ePharma Summit Provides a Fun and Important Kickoff Event for Manhattan Research’s 2012 Agenda

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ePharma Summit Media Partner Manhattan Research recently posted their experience at the 11th Annual ePharma Summit!  We'd like to share it with you.  It is also posted at the Health and Pharma Insight Blog .

Posted by Lem Sanders, Director of Business Development.  Follow him for updates on Twitter or LinkedIn.

ePharma Summit is a timely kickoff for the 2012 Manhattan Research calendar. A preseason bowl game, if you will. Many of the events attendees and speakers are instrumental in shaping our research agenda and we’re grateful for their views and support. It’s nice to see many of our clients in a midtown Manhattan ballroom under 7th Avenue that features a small army of technology advocates cheering and contesting the complexities we face and the solutions we pitch. All of this takes place while a Peruvian flute band plays down the street across Times Square from a team of break dancers. The Giants have won the Super Bowl and it’s warm outside. The party has officially started and for two days the discussions help galvanize our key research objectives for several of Manhattan Research’s Global market research studies which are in the late stages of planning. Following the event we finalize programming for questionnaires for 4000 physicians across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The data will be available in Q2 with a rush to get insights to our members. The feedback we receive from events like ePharma Summit is vital to our research and it keeps our firm most relevant in a difficult space. Great conferences provide the necessary chatter on real issues we consider closely with our subscribers and we work closely to address these high curveballs with survey research and advisory content. We even talked to non pharma representatives like Gatorade to hear the thirst quencher’s social strategies and how we can tie them to pharma. Whether the debates range from mobile behavior trends to social media challenges to emerging pain points, all of them seem to involve Facebook and the iPad but we still leverage events like this to continuously map our topical agenda to pressing problems that can be solved realistically with quality research. By late spring we’ll have new data and insights to assist hundreds of healthcare stakeholders and perhaps set the stage for further debate during the key summer and fall events. Perhaps some will even carry over to ePharma Summit ’13. I’ve been attending digital pharma events with Manhattan Research since 2004 and it’s safe to say interest and investment in the space has gained significant momentum, especially in certain areas like mobile and physician customer service. Let’s look forward to studying them closely and answering the call in the months ahead. We can and look back at the February Summit experience to see what we’ve uncovered.
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