Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Right Place, The Right Time for Action

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Today’s guest post comes from Jeff Meehan, Chief Commercial Officer of MD On-Line.

It’s no small secret that providers are becoming increasingly harder and harder to reach. Time is becoming increasingly more valuable, as doctors are expected to provide the highest level of care to an increasing number of patients, while often finding themselves having to simultaneously decrease their resources due to the current state of the economy. With so many doctors already feeling the pinch, how can Pharma marketers look to demonstrate value without getting the proverbial door shut in their face?

There are a number of web-based healthcare communication channels out there with an extensive provider base that Pharma utilizes on a regular basis to promote their brands. HCPs have historically had to venture outside their daily workflow to access this store of information, and as a result, end up wasting their most valuable resource, time. The ideal channel to communicate with HCPs should therefore be one that’s directly embedded in the provider’s existing workflow, one that can quickly and efficiently deliver messages that are directly relevant to his or her patient population. Pharma marketers have been challenging themselves to bring value to HCPs through leveraging new technology platforms. In fact, many pharma companies have recently looked to place branded content within EMRs. However, with very few EMR companies having critical mass, and with a large number of states now looking to ban point-of-care messaging, this channel may soon become less attractive. How then does one creatively embed messages within the provider’s workflow without directly interfering with patient care?

There are yet ways to circumvent such challenges. Newer, more innovative channels, such as MD On-Line’s Instinctive Data program, have found ways to grant Pharma marketers unprecedented access to a provider’s practice. Launched in October 2011, MD On-Line’s Instinctive Data program aims to improve provider education through delivering a mixture of care, industry, and educational alerts to providers based on their specialty and patient population, ensuring that the information being delivered is valuable, relevant, and meaningful to the practice.

The idea behind this program is simple – take a medium the provider is already reliant on to manage his/her practice and revenue and deliver messages through that medium in a simple yet innovative way. Tens of thousands of providers of all specialties were already utilizing MD On-Line daily for electronic claims submission. Through using Instinctive Data, a free feature located in the provider’s MDOL Web portal, pharmaceutical companies are now able to integrate sponsored, targeted communications seamlessly into a provider’s daily workflow. These types of marketing solutions not only look to improve the quality of care and enhance the doctor to patient relationship, but also hold the potential to ultimately change the doctor’s perception of the pharmaceutical industry for the better. Rather than wasting time getting information outside their daily work flow, providers are now able to focus on their patients and on managing their business simultaneously.

As we continue to leverage technology for moving into the next generation of Pharma marketing, we must look to giving providers the ability to take action on the education we are providing. We need to be more than aggregators – we need to be innovators. It’s time to leverage the data we have and share the wealth.
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