Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#ePharma Guest Post: Fostering Open Innovation: 2012 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge

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Today's guest post comes from ePharma Summit West Speaker Michele Polz, Head of Patient Solutions, US Diabetes, Sanofi US.

 Fostering Open Innovation: 2012 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge

Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, amounting to 10% of the total cost of US healthcare. An epidemic of such grand proportion demands innovative solutions that employ new approaches, technologies, and data to disrupt existing models and drive lasting improvements in care.

Successful innovation starts with an open approach. Now in its second year, Data Design Diabetes™ is a next-generation challenge offered by Sanofi US that drives action toward a three-part aim: innovation in the quality, delivery and cost of diabetes care. Recognizing that anyone could be the bearer of the next big idea in healthcare, we cast a wide net to innovators across the US, to find a breakthrough that may help millions of Americans living with diabetes.

Beyond simply promoting an extended reach to a broad community, open dialogue is also an important component of innovation. In order to develop solutions for the real issues people with diabetes and their caretakers face each day, it’s critical for innovators to connect with patients through open communication. Data Design Diabetes kicked off earlier this year by publicly crowd-sourcing answers to the question, “What matters most to you?” as it relates to diabetes, shaping the guidelines for the 2012 Innovation Challenge. As the semi-finalists continued to develop their prototypes, they also took part in a Design Bootcamp, using a human-centric approach that speaks directly to patient needs. 

Finally, access to the right resources during the key phases of the innovation process plays a valuable role in cultivating success. Data Design Diabetes connects innovators with the right people and tools in several ways. First, semi-finalists learn from a team of experienced mentors with valuable cross-functional expertise spanning, human-centered design, healthcare, business modeling and technology architecture. An expert panel of judges with diverse experience in business and healthcare then reviews the finalists’ concepts to determine a winner. During each phase, advancing teams are awarded cash prizes ranging from $10,000 to a grand prize of $100,000 to help further their concepts.

When the conditions that foster innovation converge, the results are remarkable. Last year’s Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge winner, Ginger.io, transforms a mobile phone into an automatic self-monitoring tool for tracking real-time movement patterns and social interactions passively, without user input. The team has raised $1.7M in venture funding, has grown to a team of nine, and recently acquired Rock Health startup, Pipette.

Please join us at www.datadesigndiabetes.com to view this year’s semi-finalists present their concepts live online at Demo Day on May 16, 2012. As we await the winner of the 2012 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge, we’re thrilled to see other organizations following suit, bridging the private and public sectors to drive innovation.

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