Thursday, May 24, 2012

How are biotech professionals using social media?

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Recently, BioSpace conducted a survey to see how the Pharma and Biotech community were using social media professionally.   The found that use of social media for the professionals is sparce.  Of those surveyed, only 44% shared that they never use Facebook for professional reasons.  Only 25% of those surveyed use Twitter for professionals purposes.  The most used social media source is LinkedIn, 56% of those surveyed do use it for professional purposes, but it is viewed as a networking and professional tool.  This article constantly points out the benefits of using these tools - staying up to date with the latest news and the awareness of the potential for professionals to better their career.

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Do these numbers surprise you?  How do you think the use of social media will change as we see the next generation starting to work in the Pharma and biotech sector?
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