Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Message From Peter Dannenfelser, ePharma Summit West Conference Chair

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ePharma Summit West Conference Chair, Peter Dannenfelser, would like to share this with the ePharma Summit Blog Readers:

It’s certainly an exciting time to work in pharma marketing, with new technologies and best practices being developed almost daily. Who would have thought we’d ever be discussing Pinterest and how it relates to pharma? With all of these new channels appearing seemingly overnight, having a platform to learn about all of them, as well as what they mean for pharma, is imperative.

I love the format of this year’s ePharma West. This new approach is different from any conference I’ve been to and will inspire you, show you how to make the ideas you hear work for you, and help you plan for the upcoming year:
  1. Get Inspired: Gurus will open your mind and expose you to what works in pharma, as well as less-regulated industries
  2. Make It Work: Industry executives will demonstrate how it works within the industry through product stories
  3. Plan for the Future: Each product story will be followed by moderated discussions, so you can discuss how to implement what you’ve learned into your marketing plan
There is plenty of opportunity for interaction and informal discussion with the speakers, and many attendees place great value on what they learn from other attendees, and the speakers. I, for one, am excited about the panel discussions after the presentations. It has been my opinion for years that the conversations are what make the ePharma events tick.

As you may already know, I co-chaired ePharma in New York, and am excited to be chairing ePharma Summit West. I think that it will be a completely different experience and I’m looking forward to adding what I learn at ePharma West to the strategies and tactics I took with me from the ePharma Summit.

For more information about this conference, click here to visit the website.

I look forward to seeing you this summer in San Francisco!

Peter Dannenfelser
ePharma Summit West

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ePharma Summit West is taking place July 17-19, 2012 in San Francisco, California. For more information on the program, download the agenda.  Don’t forget, as a member of the reader of this blog, when you register to join us and use code XP1756BLOG, you’ll receive an additional 10% of that rate! If you have any questions about this year’s event, feel free to email Jennifer Pereira.
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