Monday, May 21, 2012

Sit Down with an #ePharma West Guru: AJ Brustein, Coca-Cola

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Leading up to ePharma Summit West, we're going to spotlight our ePharma Summit West Gurus.  Each has been presented with four questions that capture the essence of the ePharma West Conference.  In this series, many will take the opportunity to share these with you.

These visionary experts are joining us in San Francisco to open your mind, challenge conventions and set the stage for the development of solutions and actions that immediately drive results.  Today we feature AJ Brustein, Global Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola.  For more information on AJ's presentation and the rest of the program, download the brochure here. If you'd like to join us July 17-19, 2012, in San Francisco, register today and mention code XP1756BLOG to save 10% off the current rate! 

Today's Guru: AJ Brustein, Global Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola
His Presentation: What Does it take to have Authentic and Meaningful Conversations with Your Customer Online? on Wednesday, July 18

AJ Brustein's Four Questions:
Q:  What makes you best suited to answer this question?
I have led the global digital rollout of the Coca-Cola open happiness campaign since its launch in 2009, including developing the interactive strategy and creating the Where Will Happiness Strike Next platform which I will talk about at the conference.

Q: Which digital channels do you use professionally?
Everything. As a brand we have a presence across all the major social media platforms, and scale across all other aspects of digital from search to mobile or CSR to advertising to owned presences etc. Professionally (on a personal level…) I use most of the same social media channels +wordpress, tumbler, and reddit which we don't engage in globally at Coke.

Q: What do you hope to learn from attending the ePharma Summit West? 
How others are engaging in social media and translating their marketing campaigns into successful digital executions.

Q: What other Guru are you most interested in hear speak?
Christy Cooper from Facebook. Things change so quickly at Facebook, it's always great hearing the latest and finding better ways to engage with our fans through the platform.

The Coca Cola Happiness Machine:

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