Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How can do we converse with consumers?

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One question that seems to concern some businesses is just how to connect with the consumer. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are utilized daily by consumers and companies alike. So what’s the problem?

An article written for Business Insider talks about this problem in a study conducted in May of this year. It explains the relationship of consumers and brands on social media platforms, specifically Twitter. The study was commissioned by Conversocial, who specializes in social media customer service. Of the consumers taking the survey, 55% of them described their experiences with brands online were “disappointing.” To go along with those results, 41.1% expected a response from the brands within 24 hours. The findings of the study have similarities to another research conducted last year involving Facebook.

According to eMarketer, consumers want a more genuine interaction with the companies on such sites as Facebook. They reference a study done by A.T. Kearney, analyzing the conversations or lack thereof with their interactions on Facebook.  The findings noted in the article show that 94%, up from 91% in 2010, of the conversations on Facebook would not allow consumers to interact with them on their Facebook wall. In addition, 56% of those top brand name companies did not respond to a single post posted by the consumer.

What we see is that more and more consumers want to interact with companies on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. They feel as though this is their best outlet to voice any concerns or applause for whatever the company has done. Not only does the consumer want to voice their own opinion, they also would want to hear a response about what they posted.

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Are you surprised by the data displayed? What do you believe are the necessary steps for Pharma to interact successfully with consumers through social media?
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