Friday, June 8, 2012

How can we better connect patients with their doctors?

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The doctor/patient relationships has been dwindling in value in the recent years.  In a blog post at the New York Times, they highlight the fact that many patents often don't bring up certain topics due to the fact that patients almost felt trapped when it came to talking to their doctors.  Reasons cited in the article included an often authoritative feel from the doctors, others felt  like they were upsetting their doctors when it came to communication.  This simple relationship can put a huge hole in the best care that a patient could be receiving.

Kevin MD recently voiced his concerns over the doctor patient relationship.  He believes that 90% of being a doctor is connecting with patients and 10% is knowing what medicine to prescribe for the best care.  By being able to connect and form a relationship with the patient, a doctor knows what is best because they've had the time to get to know a patient's condition, how they're dealing with it.  He also points out that many questions can't be answered when the patient needs to know the answers because a patient isn't going to make an appointment, wait in the doctors office and take time to connect with the doctor.

And no one can forget the rising cost of Medicare.  How can this be fixed?  Forbes believes that we should blame the delivery system when it comes to the rising costs of healthcare.  We live in the age of constant testing.  To bring down the cost of healthcare, the right type care needs to be delivered at the appropriate time.  The absolute worst way to do this is to cut the amount of reimbursement per patient to each doctor.

What we see is a trend that the more time the patient spends connecting with a doctor, the better the care they can receive.  However, due to external factors pressuring the doctor to spend less time with the patients, a giant disconnect has arisen in the relationship.

At ePharma Summit West, Roni Zeiger, CEO, Impatient Science; Former Chief Health Strategist, Google, will be presenting "What do Patients Want from YOU?". As a doctor, he is currently working in many different fields including previous work in diffent aspects of Google Health and keeps his patient connection by seeing patients nights and weekends. For more information on Roni's presentation and the rest of the program, download the brochure. Register to join us today and mention code XP1756BLOG, you'll save 10% off the standard rate!

How can we, as the Pharma industry, work to foster this relationship?
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