Thursday, June 21, 2012

How do you control your brand message?

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To be scolded in a public forum would not rank near the top of anyone’s bucket list. We try to avoid it from happening but somehow it always seems to come into our lives. But the more pressing question is, how do you control the conversation? How do you make sure you are not being run through the mud with a few disgruntled customers? 

In an article written by Media Post, they explore the downside of having bad publicity, sighting the horrible working conditions at an Apple factory in China (which was later proven untrue), but they also make the realization that social networking is where the voice of the consumer is at its strength. The article continues to give an in-depth look at the fears and what steps may lead to controlling the messages sent by the consumer. 

General Mills even attempted to speak out on a controversial issue in this country, according to the MinnPost. The issue of same sex marriage is heavily debated from kitchen tables to representatives in business suits on Capitol Hill but General Mills decided to voice their opinion. They posted on their blog their support for marriage equality, opposing a legislature in Minnesota that would define marriage between a man and a woman. They were successful in gaining positive feedback regarding their decision to say they are in favor of marriage equality, which contrasts with Target when they decided to make a one hundred thousand dollar contribution to a gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota. 

Target was not a fan favorite after their public endorsement of Tom Emmer running for office in Minnesota, who was in opposition of marriage equality. However, Target stated that they were only in support of his position regarding businesses. The public soon at a whiff of the news and began to voice their opinion as well regarding the decision by Target. 

Not only can your brand be in trouble regarding consumers, but the FDA occassionaly sends warning letters to Pharma in regards to social media usage. Policing such companies like Global Sweet Polypols, LLC and Golden Temple of Oregon, LLC , the FDA has brought about violations pertaining to the usage of marketing their drug products without disclosing necessary information like the risks in taking the drug and having misleading information, according to Nutra Ingredients-USA . The FDA issued a warning letter to pharmaceutical companies about the marketing of medicine on social media sites, expressed here in the Washington Legal Foundation.

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