Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One doctor embraces media to enhance the patient relationship

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Source: MacAuthor OB/GYN
Yesterday, we featured the article "Making an impact at the point of care". Today, we look at a doctor who is doing just that. Recently in Healthcare Informatics, they featured the social work of Jeff Livingston, M.D.  This OB/GYN in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, started his socail path at the suggestion of his daughter.  He saw many teenage preganacies, and wanted to figure out how to connect with them on their level.  His daughter suggested MySpace.  His initial efforts yielded lots of questions that he was able to answer.

He now regards these tools as an extension of his practice.  They're on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  They also maintain a HIPAA copliant portal to stay in communication with their patients.  This has also seen success because the whole practice has embraced it - nurses answer questions about the platform and encourage the use as well as the TVs in the waiting room that explain how to use it.

Dr. Livingston has seen success connecting with his patients in this way. He's also learned a great deal more by being able to interact and learn from his patient in an environment they feel comfortable in.  He is also making an effort to travel and share his successes with doctors around the nation and world.

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How will the success of Dr. Livingston's story affect other doctors and their use of social media? Do you believe this effort will lead to more doctors embracing social media?
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