Friday, July 6, 2012

Bringing innovation and Pharma marketing together

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Coming up with an original idea can be exhilarating. A work that you devised, something that you can say with pride you innovated. But the problem you may have now is how I market this effectively. Coming up with new innovations is fantastic but without the right amount of marketing precision to get the product out there, then your great idea to inspire the world will fall by the wayside.

Ford is now taking the next step in trying to bring about new changes to their company. 

In an attempt to combine new innovations in their cars and to have a stronger push towards marketing, Ford has decided to open a new lab in Silicon Valley. In accordance with the Wall Street Journal, the company collects data from 4 million vehicles that use in car sensing and remote app management to create a cycle of information. With that information, the engineers at Ford will translate that into helpful information pertaining to fuel economy and safety. And this is what Ford is attempting to do. 

Bill Ford Jr. and company are trying to figure out exactly how to make the data they are receiving into something usable for the consumers.  So how do you go about doing such a thing? Change locations and see what the Valley has to offer. Much different from the aura of grit and steel in Detroit, Silicon Valley offers up just what Ford needs in order to successfully complete their mission in building stronger innovation and building stronger marketing campaigns. 

We know that guidance haven't been issued for social marketing when it comes to Pharma.  But are there more than just the traditional methods that can be used to connect and educate our patients?   Bill Ford Jr went outside of the box to find a way to innovate for his customers.  What can Pharam do?

At the ePharma Summit West, Mark Bard, Co-Founder, Digital Health Coalition, will be presenting "How do you innovate quickly and work well with your MLR team ?"  With a passion that includes social media and customer service and knowledge of marketing, Mark is highly qualified to discuss the matter of innovation and marketing. For more information on Mark's  presentation and the rest of the program, download the brochure.  If you'd like to join Brustein this July in San Francisco, register to join us and mention code XP1756BLOG to save 10% off the current rate.
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