Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doctors in Today's Health Industry

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With the rapid involvement of technology in our daily lives, it was only a matter of time before it crept into the world of medicine. Consumers wants convenience whenever they can get it, which includes healthcare.

The use of mHealth, a provision of healthcare or health related information through the use of mobile devices, is the call to action consumers want. In a study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), mHealth is seen as a improving convenience and cost of healthcare.

Physicians are slowly listening to them, moving toward integrating phones and computers, even robots, to become more accessible to the patients and to be up to date in the ever growing society.

Bostinno writes that patients are starting to use their mobile phones for a diagnosis to their doctors instead of heading towards the emergency room. It also mentions that few startups are beginning to incorporate this element into the healthcare industry. One of those startups is called Sherpaa and according to Triage 2.0 , they are attempting to keep patients out of the doctors office as much as possible and to save the rush to emergency rooms. But they also want to promote a healthy doctor-patient relationship while in the process of keeping costs down for the company.

Now, the use of emails and picture messages has it limitations however. Someone with a chronic condition will obviously not take a snapshot and decide whether or not they should travel to an emergency room.

Adding to the realization of technology becoming the future for medicine writes David Lee Scher, MD on KevinMD, about how the new and younger generation of physicians have the knowledge of technology, leading towards new ways of engaging in patient care. The piece explains that because there are so many people, especially the younger generation exploring devices and new innovations, the healthcare industry will have to take note and evolve around the technology to bring about better patient care and more effective diagnosis. The piece goes on to mention Electronic Health Records (EHR) are being implemented in medicine, not necessarily through physicians but by initiatives and mandates. But it goes on to mention that younger physicians are implementing them more than their elder statesmen.

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