Thursday, July 5, 2012

How can you personalize communication with consumers?

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Personalization of mass communication is becoming part of the process for marketers. Explained here by Hubspot they outline sixty ways that the new wave of personalization is changing the landscape of marketing such as personalizing searches to become visible and relevant to the consumer, and that there are three steps to personalization: listen, educate and engage. 

It’s also evident that recommendations are sent to you off of products recently purchased, but when is it too much for the consumers? Won’t they just become irritated with the bombardment of recommendations based on an item bought on a certain occasion?

Forbes decided to touch base on such a claim, specifically pertaining to this past father’s day. The article mentions that Choicestream, a marketing firm, decided to take a look at what marketers are doing wrong. By studying the results not only from Father’s Day but from Mother’s Day as well, the marketers generalize customers with gift suggestions. They also point out the timing target ads displayed on screen was not as effective.

Echoing a similar message is an article on CIO. In the piece, it describes how companies are using data such as the consumers’ name in an attempt to become personal. Something as basic as using the consumers’ name can have such a response that the consumer would be more likely to open the email. But a warning is mentioned throughout the piece, you must be careful, tread waters lightly so to speak. It goes on to talk about a possible way of handling the bulk of data coming into the company like getting the data correct and having a purpose in contacting the consumer.

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