Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Social Media influencing Marketing

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The use of Twitter and Facebook have not only changed the way people communicate with each other but it is now coming into the world of marketing. More and more companies are starting to incorporate social media to attract potential consumers.

Eweek wrote about the impact social media is having on small businesses. In a survey conducted with over a thousand small businesses, it is reported that 39% say that their marketing strategy is a quarter or more social media, where as 26% say that social media is used half or more in their marketing strategy. The survey even found variation in usage based on each company. YouTube is the top choice among technology firms whereas consulting firms prefer LinkedIn. 

And now orthodontists are now beginning to do the same thing. Yes, remember the days of dreading hearing that you need braces, that this would forever end whatever chance you had at being cool? Well in an ironic twist, now they are utilizing social media to attract patients, making themselves seem up-to-date and with the times.

A social media consulting firm called Maximize Social Media announced that they were going to provide support to orthodontist practice nationwide. The firm will provide complete management that includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus in an effort to attract potential patients. The use of social media will help in generating qualified leads in seeing who's in need of their services by targeting specific demographics of prospective patients. The firm will also have applications in Facebook to try and bring patients to an orthodontists. One of the interesting features will be putting a coupon on Facebook. But of course there is a catch.  In order for the coupon to be activated, their Facebook fans need to share it with their other Facebook friends.

This can not yet be done with Pharma products.  But how can this outside-of-the-box marketing inspire Pharma to think differently?

This year at ePharma Summit West, Christy Cooper of Facebook will be presenting "How Do YOU Make Social Media Work for Pharma?". She works daily with Pharma companies to help them use Facebook as a platform to openly connect with their patients.  For more information about Christy's presentation download the brochure here.  If you're interested in joining Christy this July 17-19, 2012 in San Francisco, register today and mention XP1756BLOG to save an additional 10% off the standard rate!

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