Thursday, July 12, 2012

What patients want from their doctors?

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The hardest thing to gauge is what someone wants from you. No one can read minds (or maybe you can, if so, you are truly unique), so the best way to accomplish this is to go find out what they may want. The main attraction is finding out what patients want from doctors. Well, patients are offering their opinion of how doctors should make things easier for them.

A survey conducted of 1,000 patients mentions that 90% wanted to self-manage their own health. Patients want to be able to book appointments, refilling prescriptions and access their own health information online. But even with those numbers, 85% of the patients being surveyed still want to keep the patient-doctor interaction. The survey was broken down even further. 48% say that patients would rather have doctors handle their own records, where as 44% say that they want to handle their own records instead of their doctors. 88% wanted email interaction with their provider, and 76% want the option to email consultations with doctors.

But their is something else that seems to be wanted from patients even though surveys did not mention it. Emotion is something that is wanted especially when a patient is in a bind.

The New York Times have written an article about doctors and attempting to have empathy regarding patients. There was a study conducted saying that empathy could actually be taught. And with empathy, doctors are shown that they have few medical errors, better patient outcomes, and more satisfied patients. The piece also mentions that there are fewer malpractice claims and happier doctors. The research was conducted last year with doctors where they would take different lessons. Some of the lessons conducted were videos and  having doctors go through a series of pictures of patient expressions. To see how their empathy ranked, doctors gathered patients together to test rate the doctors empathy. Two months later, the researchers brought back the doctors and had the patients rate the doctors again and after more lessons, doctors' empathetic behavior showed improvement. 

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