Monday, September 10, 2012

Healthcare may be late to social media, but how can they make up time?

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Healthcare brands, both in the United States and Latin America still haven't received much guidance when it comes to digitally marketing their brands online.  However, their consumers are online.  Healthcare content, however, is readily available to the consumer.  So what are a few tips Patricia Redsicker at Radian 6 offers for Pharma to use this content to better engage their customers?
  1. 1. Create value for your consumers. Many times in healthcare we see a one way conversation. But share valuable information your customers are looking for by giving them content that is relevant to them.
  2. Redsicker points out that patients often spend hours waiting in doctors offices and other places waiting on their physicians. Pharma can make an attempt to provide the information that consumers are looking for online - even possibly mobile accessible to cut down on time.
  3. Build trust.  Physicians and Pharma companies can start by saving valuable time on the web.  They can display fewer ads on their webpages and sharing some of their content at no cost to the consumer.
  4. Always send the same message.  With consistency in messaging, consumers should be receiving the same type of message whether they're browsing a website or in a doctors office.
  5. Information should also appear to fit the customers' needs proving itself relevant. Content should be beneficial to the reader, not about another topics in the industry.
  6. Frequency is also key.  Consumers should be able to gain access to the information at the times they feel is important.  Use tools to allowed your content to be accessed on the schedule your consumers want to see it.
At ePharma Summit Latin America this November,  Rick Gove, Head of Industry for Healthcare, at Google will be on hand to share the research findings in the behavior habits of the Latin American market.  Topics such as advertising nuances when targeting Hispanics, search habits, digital penetration, and Pharma content consumption will all be covered.  For more information on this session, download the agenda.  If you'd like to join us in Cancun, register today and mention code P1716BLOG to save 10% off the current rate.

What do you believe is the key to content marketing?
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