Friday, September 28, 2012

In the world of social media, where’s the privacy button?

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A recent study regarding how chronically ill teenagers spend their time shows that although teens spend a significant amount of time online, they're still conscious about their privacy. Most teenagers want the chance to leave their health problems behind them when they sign onto social media sites, so confidentiality is key. Because social media is growing rapidly, the way in which patients and healthcare providers communicate will also begin to change. However, healthcare providers are urged to be conscious of both media and illness. For instance, not recommending they 'like' or 'retweet' something that is connected with their illness will benefit the patients privacy in the end.

All 20 participants agreed that they never felt their privacy was compromised while using Facebook. Only one reported that they felt targeted advertisements were a result of their personal information. In the beginning of the week we mentioned that datalogix recently partnered with Facebook to track what users actually purchase after seeing the ad on Facebook. This means that Facebook will have a record of everything they purchase from both grocery stores and pharmacies. Where will this leave people who want to sign into Facebook without feeling that the world knows the status of their health? Would you feel that this is a breach of trust?
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