Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pharma keeping a close eye on Latin America

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When it comes to Latin America, the last thing that comes to mind for many is, pharmaceuticals, but that may change very soon. Recently opportunities for Pharma, as well as other industries are continuing to grow in Latin American countries. Latin America is accessible and affordable, and proving to be prominent for  both sales and research.  According to a summary, Latin America’s Pharma sector continues to grow annually, their mortality rates are better, and due to the vast treatment for non-communicable diseases, medical care is necessary.

Here are a few reasons why Latin America should be considered:
Which industries do you think could benefit the most?  Want to learn more about the Pharma opportunities in Latin America? ePharma Summit Latin America is a global brand extension of our ePharma Summit events in the USA - the world's largest and longest running digital marketing event for the life sciences industry. Now we're bringing a tailored version of the ePharma Summit to companies focused on the Latin American market.  It will take place November 29-30, 2012 in Cancun Mexico.
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