Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Communication between patients and physicians

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How much time do patients and doctors spend communicating while in the office?  According to ePharma Summit exhibitor Verilogue, 10 minutes and 10 seconds.  How is the time spread?  The patient is communicating 33% of the time and asking five questions.  The physician is spending 64% of the time communicating and asks 25 questions.  The caregiver communicates 3% of the time and asks give questions.  Find out more about what they discovered with the patient/physician relationship by viewing the infographic.

How can we improve the patient physician relationship?  The Wall Street Journal last week featured an article that looked at a pilot test where patients were able to view the physician's notes from a visit after they departed the office.  There were initial reservations from the doctors  but initial findings from the pilot study show that the patients, after seeing their notes, felt more in control of their care.  They also became more adherent to their treatments.  It was also found that there was less of a need to return the office for followup visits.

This appears to be just one way to improve the doctor/patient relationship.  This is one way to increase the meaningful communication physicians have with their patients.  This will be one of many topics covered at the ePharma Summit this coming March in New York City.  The program has not yet been released, but sign up for the latest news and information on the event.

Do you believe patients should be able to access doctors notes?  What benefits does it provide for both parties?
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