Thursday, October 25, 2012

Digital Prescriptions

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You can't really go anywhere today without hearing someone talking about technology, it's everywhere. And although the healthcare industry seemed hesitant at first, it seems like they are finally on board. Physician's aren't just using technology to manage patient records, but it seems they're also using applications as referrals. 

Patients can now download applications that will not only be educational, but can also help them manage their healthcare.With the launch of a new pilot program called Happtique that allows doctors to easily prescribe apps, the role of smartphones and tablets in health care is likely to grow ever larger in the coming years and may become standard practice in our increasingly digital era. There are apps available for everything from allergy awareness to maintaining a well balanced diet. created a list of 25 apps that doctors are encouraging patients to download, see full list here.  

With technology expanding rapidly, it's never been easier for us to communicate with others. Pharma companies are seeking opportunities all over the world, and right now many of them have their eye on Latin America. Together, both social media and technology are helping revolutionize not just patient and physician interaction, but also research and development tactics for pharma companies.

Pharma companies may become apprehensive when it comes to developing apps for devices such as iPads, especially because the bounds of regulation are always changing. However there are ways to strategize so that you're not designing an app for the present, but planning for the future. Join us this November at ePharma Latin America when Fausto Leon, Latin American Regional Business Engagement Manager, ELI LILLY, discusses how social media & social innovation are moving forward. For more information, download the brochure today. As a reader of this blog, register today and save an additional 10% off the current rate when you mention code XP1716BLOG.

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