Friday, November 2, 2012

Engaging Voters via Social Networks

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Every Friday we will feature an 'Out of Industry' post. Something that is relevant to media, but not necessarily related to pharma. I think that we can agree that this year's election was slightly different than others. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, are all channels that each candidate has been using throughout their campaign. Many people are comparing the outcome of the election to their followers, likes, and retweets, but the real test is to see how these numbers translate into actual votes. 

Many are assuming that because Obama has more followers, he is winning the race. However, some are arguing that he has been using these platforms for a much longer period of time, and the fact that Romney has gained as many followers in a short time period says something. The key to measuring your success with social media is really engaging your audience. Just a few weeks ago, twitter handles based on the debates were created, and instantly gained thousands of followers. It proves that people are watching and listening. Sites such as Spotify and Instagram are also allowing candidates to create playlists and post pictures. During this election, social media has allowed voters to see candidates in a less political, more personable way. 

This Tuesday we will find out who the next president is, but we will also find out if these platforms have changed the election process forever. How has social media impacted this year's election for you?
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