Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spotlight Session: What is your role as your company prepares for healthcare reform implementation?

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As we continue to evolve with the digital world,  healthcare providers are now encouraged to utilize these new time saving tools, meaning less facetime. Everything from prescribing  medication to storing your health records is rapidly changing, and as a result, changing the way HCP's communicate with Pharma companies. Will you know the best way to optimize your time?

The Session: Opportunities for Convergence as a Result of Electronic Health Records, ePrescribing and other Government Initiatives

John Vieira, Director, Marketing Operations, Daiichi Sankyo 
Sanjoy Ray, Director, Health IT Strategy, Merck
Mary Varghese, Director, Primary Care Strategy and Innovation, Pfizer
Elaine Drake Landstra, Director of Managed Markets, Shire

About the Session: Based on new care delivery models and new healthcare business models as a part of the affordable care act, pharma will need to communicate with a much broader set of customers & will face further decreasing access to physicians: as ACOs take hold, physicians will have a decreased role in Rx-related decision-making and as physicians face increased pressure to see more patients, they have less time for face to face rep interactions and less time for emails and journal articles. As the federal government pushes physicians to use more digital tools, such as EHRs and eRX, to reduce prescribing errors, lower administrative costs, and more strictly control formulary compliance, the world of Rx promotion will change dramatically. Learn how to shape prescribing habits at the point of prescribing by adapting to this new world of pharmaceutical promotion.

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