Friday, November 30, 2012

SuccessEHS and Midmark's automated vitals

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This week SuccessEHS and Midmark announce their latest development regarding EHRs, automated vitals. Once your vitals have been taken they will be added to your chart electronically. Incorporation of IQvitals with SuccessEHS 6.1 provides users with seamless data collection, allowing the delivery of digital vital signs data directly into the patient's electronic chart. This integration increases clinical workflow efficiency and eliminates data transcription errors. Automatically adding your vitals will save time and also help to decrease the chance of errors that may occur from transcribing the information by hand.

As EHRs continue to evolve, so does the market for health applications. If the first advancement is adding your vitals electronically, what do you think is next? What is the easiest way for HCP's to adapt? 

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