Friday, December 21, 2012

ePharma Interview Series Probes Key Digital Issues

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There are so many options when it comes to digital media that when creating the best strategy for your brand, it can sometimes be overwhelming. What is the best way to leverage your technologies capabilities? And where do you get started?

ePharma Summit is pleased to announce the debut of "Inside ePharma"--a special interview series featuring experts and leaders at the forefront of the digital media and marketing frontier in the pharmaceutical industry.

Episode one features James Chase, Editor-in-Chief of Medical Marketing and Media on the most pressing issues faced by digital marketers.

 Interview highlights: 

“The idea is to implement a single digital strategy across a single platform and a specific set of protocols for developing digital programs so that once a certain type of project has been approved, other similar projects can follow quickly building on that framework of knowledge and experiences.”

“…HCPs, patients, payers, shareholders, regulators…they are all people. Therefore, they all have some idea of what should be possible with digital.”

 “…figuring out digital is not easy. It’s resource-sapping, it demands room for failure, it requires champions and it takes patience and courage and perseverance.”

 Click here to view the full interview.

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