Thursday, December 20, 2012


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This week, Instagram users may have noticed a 'Privacy Policy & Terms of Service' notice when you went to refresh your newest likes. If you were like me, you just simply acknowledged it was there, realized you didn't actually have to check any sort of box to update anything, and moved on. But for those of you that did read it, or at least the media uproaring it caused, I can assume you were not happy. Tweets, facebook status', blog posts, all stating that as of January 16th, Instagram would now have the right to sell your photos without your consent. So how do you proceed?

Many people, like National Geographic went as far as to suspend their account immediately. Last April, Facebook purchased the photo sharing site for one billion dollars. Yesterday they replied, assuring you that your photos would not in fact be sold without compensation or your consent. But now that the idea has been put out there, will they actually lose users? Have the semantics of their terms of service agreement created new opportunities for other apps?

If you're an Instagram user, will you continue to use it?
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