Thursday, December 13, 2012

Internally, are you seeing a shift from return on investment (ROI) to return on impressions (ROI)? Do you expect it to change in the future?

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It's no surprise that mobile devices are one of the most innovative types of technology we have out there today. Not only are they able to compute information faster, but because of their size, also in a much more convenient way. With so many applications, options, competitors, it's hard to choose which best suits your individual needs, especially when it comes to healthcare. So how do you promote this type of technology? What makes consumers and patients want to be a part of this world, or more importantly, your brand? At the 12th annual ePharma Summit, we'll discuss how to increase build, engage, and retain your audience via mobile technology and more. 

 Session: Using Mobile to Build Relevance and Engagement with Consumers and Patients 

Speaker: Todd Kolm, Director, Emerging Channel Strategy, Pfizer 

According to a 2012 article on, “If you’re tracking monetary return on investment (ROI) as the sole criterion to determine if your marketing programs are working, then you need to catch up to the 21st century because you’re missing a big part of the picture.” In order evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign (especially within social media), the return on impressions demonstrates the big picture. The value of positive buzz online is hard to measure and track but can lead to increased sales and revenue.

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Our spotify playlist this week was provided by: Todd Kolm. Tune in below!

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