Friday, December 7, 2012

Session Spotlight: How can you use gamifcation to increase medication adherence among children?

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Although the Pharma industry has been primarily behind the curve when it comes to social or mobile technology, mHealth is proving to be beneficial for both the industry and the consumers. mHealth has created more interesting, accessible applications to help educate, engage, and advance consumers ideas and thoughts towards healthcare. So how will the next generation of consumers evolve with such applications?

Session Spotlight: Next Generation mHealth Technologies to Drive Convergence and Improved Health Outcomes

Moderator: Joe Shields, Global Strategic Marketing, Lifescan

Panelists: Susan Kavett, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, Commercial Strategy & Planning, Sanofi US
Pete Mehr, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer, Healthcare, Merkle, Inc.
Sharon DeBacco, Senior Director, Customer Communications & Operations, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Scott Wolf, Executive Vice President, Sales, Everyday Health

About the Session: According to recent statistics, 75% of adults taking medication are non-adherent in one or more ways and the economic impact of non-adherence is estimated to cost $100 billion annually (PhRMA, 2011). Adherence among children is even lower since they are dependent on an adult remembering to administer the medication. One way to potentially increase adherence for children is through gamification, so they are incentivized to seek out medication from their caregivers. With games for children on iPads and cell phones becoming more ubiquitous, gamification via mhealth technologies promises to be even more efficient for increasing adherence for children.

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Each session spotlight we feature a top five playlist from one of our speakers, this week our spotify playlist was chosen by Joe Shields. Enjoy!

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