Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brand Planning in a Digital World

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When I first start to put together the program for ePharma, I typically have 15 - 20 phone conversations, then schedule the advisory board meeting with leaders in the space, some of whom have participated at ePharma over the past several years, some of whom have never attended. In preporation for the advisory board meeting, I compile all of my notes: notes from research calls, notes from face-to-face meetings, notes from the previous year's event, notes from ePharma and anything else I've collected throughout the year. I do this to identify industry trends, which I then present to the advisory board and we determine if it's on-point and how we can best address it at ePharma.

One of the trends that I noticed, and that the advisory board supported, is that digital marketing is out. It's dated. At this point, when more than 50% of US adults own smart phones and 175 million people logging onto Facebook every day, even considering building a marketing plan without including digital channels would be crazy. Marketing must include digital, because that's where our customers are. We're marketing in a digital world.

To address this shift in mindset, we've added the Brand Planning in a Digital World track to provide you with the platform to learn and discuss how to build a multi-channel, coheasive marketing plan for your brand that seamlessly integrates digital with traditional channels.

Pssst, check out the advisory board members.

I look forward to seeing you at March!
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