Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cut through digital noise to reach physicians

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Understanding the way any consumer spends his time online is key to any marketer - but for Pharma companies - it's especially crucial.  This method offsets other alternatives such as conferences and on-site visits.  Many companies are on the quest to quantify how physicians interact online with content and other healthcare professionals.  As often is the case, they don't socialize online, but they're there absorbing the information that appeals to them.

In this article at Forbes, they identify the company Kyruus, which works with hospitals to monitor physicians activity online to ensure that they are compliant.  The company also takes the time to collect data that shows how, when and with who the physicians interact.  This is a key bit of information that is important to the big Pharma companies who are finding ways to interact with them in a constructive way.

The key, as always with social no matter what the field, is to create important content that reaches the right audience in the right spot.  Most physicians have a positive attitude towards Pharma companies.  Now Pharma companies have tools to analyze behavior and are able to better identify when and where to reach their physicians online.

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