Friday, January 11, 2013

mHealth Highlights from CES

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With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) running through today we wanted to highlight some of the healthcare technologies that stood out to us:

RP-VITA Robot : how would you feel about consulting with a robot in place of a doctor? What if it meant that you could "see" a leading specialty doctor from the other side of the world? We think telehealth is the future of healthcare and a cost-efficient way to reach patients in remote areas. Attend the Innovation in Pharmaceutical Emerging Markets presentation at ePharma to learn how physicians in China are utlizing telehealth to reach physicians in remote areas.

Virtual reality simulators to treat PTSD: PTSD continues to be a huge problem in the military and a key way to overcome the condition is by confronting stressful situations. With the help of a therapist, veterans can walk through trigger situations (complete with smells) to confront the disorder head on.

Fitbit Flex: Finally, the Fitbit we've been waiting for--one you can wear on your wrist! When deciding which tracking device to use I bought the Jawbone Up over Fitbit solely because I wanted something I could wear on my wrist.

Which new technologies are you most excited about for 2013?

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