Friday, January 11, 2013

See what I'm saying?

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Every Friday we feature an 'Out of Industry' post. Something that is relevant to media, but not necessarily related to pharma. With 2012 behind us, various lists of what to expect for 2013 have been created. So we have to know, will visual based applications be THE trend in social media for the coming year?

It seems that the more advanced technology becomes, the more it's turning to visuals. Photo sharing applications like Instagram have been increasingly popular over the past few years and they're slowly transitioning into video form. However, it's not just consumers who are attracted to this kind of media, digital marketers have taken notice of the popularity of visual based applications and are now turning them into marketing campaigns.

There have been advertisements on your Facebook for some time now, but have you noticed them? The company announced that this year they will be adding video advertisements to your news feed. Just yesterday Obama signed a bill allowing Netflix to sync with your Facebook feed, allowing users to view which videos you are watching. (much like Spotify showing which song you're listening to) Will sites like Youtube and Vimeo be revamped for Facebook as well?

Will more video features be implemented into platforms like twitter? What type of visual based applications do you think we'll see in 2013?
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