Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Mobile Revolution: Would regulations on the industry slow down innovation?

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The answer is yes.

The world of Mobile is changing rapidly.  It can be seen in almost everything around us, from the evolution of the phone (you can talk to Siri!) or the heavy use we're seeing in the healthcare world (There's an App for that).  In order to not hinder the speedy, ever evolving world of mobile, the Federal Trade Commission decided to drop antitrust charges against Google according to the New York Times.  One of the arguments that Google used in the case was that the market is evolving so quickly that any regulations would hamper the speed and opportunity that comes with innovation.  The article points out that while it appears Google has the edge of internet searches - 96% globally - many users are now bypassing Google all together now in favor of Apps that allow users to do more targeted searches such as Kayak for travel and IMDB for movie related inquiries, an argument for the evolution of search in the mobile world.

Last year at ePharma, many of the presentations lead to the impression that 2011 was the year of mobile.  In 2012, the pace of mobile revolution in the healthcare sector did not slow down.  In fact, if anything, it increased.  One that stands out is that the Federal Communications Commission, according to Information Week HealthCare  has created the position of Health Care Director that will work on all health related issues. They will strive for both public and private contribution in matters such as mobile devices, wireless health technology, and medical body area network (MBAN) devices. 

At ePharma Summit 2013, John Mangano, Vice President, comScore, will join us to present Patients, Prescriptions and Prevention: How Americans Use the Internet to Improve Outcomes, looking at how  the use of the internet has changed in the healthcare field over the past year, including the focus on the evolution of how mobile is used in the aspects of the healthcare industry.  For more information on this session, download the agenda.  If you'd like to join us March 4-6 in New York, as a reader of this blog when you register and mention code P1806BLOG, you'll save 10% off the current rate!

What digital revolutions in the healthcare space stood out to you last year in 2012?
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