Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What will be THE trend of 2013?

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First it was the year of social media, which lasted more than a year. Then it was the year of mobile, which seemed to go on forever. What will be the big trend of 2013?

After going through lists other people compiled (why recreate the wheel?), I have put together my top three trends to watch in 2013:

According to David Armano (@armano) at Edelman, content is king in 2013. I hope this is the case! After all, it seems like content should always be in the drivers seat. We should always be focused on providing value, especially when marketing to HCPs. Most likely they're looking for solid information, not cute marketing copy.

Branded advertising is dropping, but advertising budgets are on the rise. What gives? Brian Kress, Group Director of Digital Strategy at The Richards Group, says that 2013 will bring is to the rise of brand journalism, which increases access, credibility and up-to-the-minute credibility.

Finally, according to Mark Curtis with the Huffington Post, people are ruining everything for traditional businesses. I think this is my favorite, because it ties in with one of my favorite buzzwords...innovation. Instead of companies, or brands, or technologies driving changes, it's individual people. Think of Kickstarter or online petitions. As consumers, we're driving companies, brands and technologies. They're reacting to us, the people. What does that mean for you in the highly regulated field of marketing pharmaceuticals? It doesn't seem like anyone has all of the answers.

We will be discussing all of these trends at the ePharma Summit, taking place on March 4 - 6 in New York. As a reader of this blog, you get 10% off the standard rate when using the code XP1806BLOG when you register.

See you in March!
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