Thursday, February 28, 2013

Improving Patient Engagement at the Point of Care

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Today's guest post comes from David Perez, founder and CEO and Seamless Medical 

Everyone can relate to the experience of being a patient. Long wait times, the frustration of filling out repetitive forms, old magazines, limited face-time with the provider and the feeling of disempowerment in an impersonal setting. The patient as a person has been forgotten.

The time has come to better use technology to improve patient engagement, to streamline and digitize the registration process (heck, checking in to a flight is easier and faster), truly engage patients in their own health care, empower patients with relevant health information and provide an easy means of connecting with others in their local healthcare community. All of this can be accomplished today, with an iPad, starting in the waiting room.

While the advancement of technology has transformed the worlds of finance, communication, commerce and travel, much of healthcare has been left in the 1980s and 90s. Medical practices are just now inching toward the use of electronic health records (EHRs). Meantime we are still managing unnecessary, wasteful and costly paper processes when digitizing workflow saves medical practices money and time.

 I encourage all of us to move faster in using technologies to improve the patient experience. My firm Seamless Medical Systems is focused on improving patient engagement at the first point of care by using technologies that patients and consumers have already adopted, including the iPad. We are identifying and mitigating the challenges that practices and patients face in the current environment as we incorporate more technology in the medical practice. Our goal is to make each office visit, better.

Our innovative technology platform, SNAP, is bringing the patient experience and practices into the 21st Century. SNAP replaces the paper forms patients fill out in waiting rooms with an iPad. SNAP delivers relevant and targeted health information to patients at the point of care and is an educational resource for providers. SNAP enhances the patient experience while improving efficiency and reducing costs for the practice. Please join us as we focus on improving patient engagement and the patient experience, starting at check-in. Visit to get a glimpse of the 21st Century of patient engagement.

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