Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Data, Two Data, Three Data, More…

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Out guest post today comes from Jim Curtis, CRO, Remedy Health Media 

Over the last year, I have attended my fair share of conferences, meetings, lectures, symposiums, summits…(you get the picture). Each of them focused on the topic of Big Data. We hear industry leaders discussing the importance of it, sales people raving abouthaving so much of it, marketers wanting to take advantage of it. If one were to search the term “Big Data” right now, they would receive over 684 million results from Google alone. Now that is big! Despite the prevailing fascination with Big Data and what it is, I believe the real question for pharmaceutical marketers and publishers alike is: how can we turn Big Data into small useful data? Meaning, what data is most important and how can it be used to create better marketing programs as well as better health outcomes?

Accountable Care enter stage left. Although payers and providers have been storing and harvesting patient data for some time, the enhanced focus on Accountable Care makes it more accessible and more relevant to patients and manufacturers. We now have the opportunity, through EHRs and Software Management Systems, to collectively track patient history, treatment, and follow-up care to ensure the best health outcomes. According to an American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy article, Cigna used digital adherence tools to increase adherence and reduce medical costs:

                 Data from the insurer indicate measureable improvements in patient care, including an
                11-percentage pointincrease in adherence to dyslipidemia therapy that prevents 262 
                heart attacks each year,saving an estimated $6.6 million in annual medical costs. 

Additionally, electronic prescribing has lowered treatment and drug interaction errors, preventing complications that result in expensive emergency room visits and, at times, death. If patientsbenefit from technology that stores, sorts, and communicates their data with their healthcare providers, pharmacists, and insurance providers, won’t they also benefit from their drug manufacturers sourcing this data to determine their promotional messaging and education? I believe the answer is yes. Greater focus around condition specific messaging and possible adjunct therapies will help educate a patient about their condition and treatment options. With better health education comes better health outcomes.

Lastly, what data is most important for marketers and where and how can they appropriately use it? At Remedy, we have worked hard to combine the best content, technology and data to maximize the opportunity data offers for patients and marketers alike. We are focused on patients and have partnered with EHRs and Office Software Management Providers. We have an excellent understanding about how best to engage with patient populations through their data with the best tools and content. Now we are not sure if it actually fits the “Big Data” definition today. However, it has proved to increase adherence, NRx and health outcomes… and that’s huge.

About Remedy Health Media and Jim Curtis: Remedy Health Media is a leading health information and technology company dedicated to providing tools and information from the most credible and influential healthcare sources to millions of health consumers. Remedy has the unrivaled ability to identify and communicate with health consumers, empower patients and caregivers to speak with their healthcare providers, and as a result, to foster better health outcomes through use of our products and services. As CRO of Remedy Health Media, Jim is responsible for management of Remedy’s advertising and enterprise businesses. 

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