Friday, February 1, 2013

The Social Bowl

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This Sunday the Baltimore Ravens battle the San Francisco 49ers for the top title of Super Bowl XLVII Champions. Many people can't even tell you which teams are playing, some won't remember the score, but regardless of who wins, or if you even watch football, you'll certainly remember the commercials. Because the Superbowl isn't just a battle of football, it's the Academy Awards of advertising too. So what do both teams and the media world have in common? A successful strategy. A good strategy is the key to winning games, on the field and off.

We've seen social media transcend into the world of digital marketing, these past few years. So now that a simple hashtag can connect millions, how will this impact the ad world? Youtube, Vine, Snapchat allow us to connect via 6-8 second videos, sent in real time. Such technology will send these ads twice as fast, to more places than ever, so how will this impact their success? Or failure?

Which ads are you looking forward to seeing? And more importantly, who will you be cheering for?

Check out the top contender for Audi below, they're allowing users to vote on 3 different commericials, which one would you choose? You can view the rest of the 2013 ads here.

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